Creative Zones welcomes you to the 21st CADD Quest. CADD Quest is an India’s biggest talent search event, organized for aspiring Engineers, attracts about 20000 participants. It is a program specially designed for fresh candidates interested in making a career in the field of design. This year we have innovated to a new format for CADD Quest where discounts / scholarship coupled with employment / internship.

About the Program
CADD Quest is a simple aptitude test taken online at the center’s/college. CQ provides an opportunity for meritorious students / individuals waiting to get employed. It is scheduled to commence on 16th, 17th, 23rd & 24th February.

What’s New in CQ’19?
Apart from Scholarships, CADD Quest also provides 1000 Job/Internship Opportunities for the TOP 1000 Master Diploma Registered Students in Engineering Firms across the country.

Students who applies for CADD Quest shall prepare well and take up the test. Based on the marks they score; Creative Zones would provide scholarships up to 50% for the courses what they opt.

As industry looking around people with multiple skills, students joining for Master Diploma would have an additional opportunity of gaining jobs at the end of the program; on certain conditions.

Corporate Office will conduct an assessment test after 90 days across the country for the Master Diploma Registered Students. Students who secures top 1000 positions in this assessment would gain job or internship in the Engineering Industries and Organizations.

About the Test
CADD Quest is a simple 60 minutes’ test with 50 questions along with multiple choices, which tests the basic aptitude, simple math’s and general knowledge of the test takers.

The candidates can take-up the CQ test using a desktop or through the online module. The desktop module would require the candidates to attend the test at one of the test centres of Creative Zones, whereas, the online module provides the flexibility of attending the test right from their homes through the official website of Creative Zones.

Your college is being one of the progressive colleges, we would like to extend the privilege of including your students in taking up the CADD Quest. We are looking for your great support and patronage to go forward with CADD Quest along with your students, placing them.

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