PLC & SCADA - SIEMENS Training Course

What's the course about

Siemens SCADA and Siemens PLC, both will let you understand the industrial world and future technology of tomorrow today. Students those who opt this course will able to open and scalable SCADA system. This is actually the solution which is capable of managing ever-increasing amounts of data and archiving them over the large term. This Course is designed for fresher as well as for experienced automation engineers. Both have different things to learn under this course of PLC and SCADA. But, one thing is sure that you will integrate mobile applications and new technologies to achieve efficiency and productivity.

  • Architecture of PLC
  • Industrial Control & Power Circuit
  • Working with Field Devices
  • PLC Programming using Ladder Logic
  • Interfacing I/O Devices with
  • PC - PLC Communication
  • Timer, Counter, Jump, Subroutine & Multi-Interlocking
  • Advanced Math function, Comparator, Converter
  • Shift & Rotate function
  • PID
  • Integer and Floating function
  • Industrial PLC Panel board wiring
  • Industrial Automation Project
  • Architecture of SCADA
  • Different communication system
  • SCADA Window Creation
  • Object Configuration/Animation
  • Scripting
  • Alarm & Recipe management
  • PLC & SCADA Interfacing
  • Remote Monitor & Control Process
  • Trends
  • Data logging, OPC & ODBC
  • Industrial SCADA project