Data Science Using Python

Data science using Python

What's the course about

In this competitive era, students and youngsters are concerned about their careers more than ever. Data Science is one such course that can give them a bright future.

Python is one of the most powerful and flexible programming languages that is easy-to-learn. Organizations widely use Python due to its powerful libraries for data mining and analysis. Organizations such as Google, Citi, Toyota, BuzzFeed, and many others are using Python extensively.

After enrolling in our Data Science using Python course, a student will:

  • Become familiar with Python Editors and other popular IDEs
  • Get proficient in Python files handling
  • Get a firm understanding of the subject
  • Become master of performing string manipulations
  • Master in using and creating functions in Python

At present, the demand of a data scientist who is proficient using Python is huge. After getting our certificate, you can easily get a lucrative job in a big company because the competition here is much lower due to less availability of the candidates.